Band Biographies: Endonomos

Endonomos unleashes a fierce blend of sinister and menacing doom/death, yet epic melodies of classic doom metal. Low and weighty grunt vocals are continually breached by melodic, clean vocals. The thunderous rhythm guitar is accompanied by numerous highly melodic lead guitars and, from time to time, fragile clean parts. The lyrics are mostly contemplative and on a meta-level, covering topics like religion, transcendence, shiftlessness, and/or evolution.

The self-titled debut album of Austrian epic doom/death band Endonomos was written in 2019 and 2020, arranged in late 2020, and recorded mixed, and mastered in spring/summer 2021 by mastermind Lukas Haidinger in his DeepDeepPressure Studios.

It was the creator's long-time wish to finally make these initial ideas into a full band, and bring them to tape, as well as to stage.

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