Band Biographies: Insanity61

The band from the canton of Lucerne in Switzerland was formed in 2004, gaining live, as well as studio experience and celebrating many local successes. Musicians and the style developed steadily, and so in 2012, the five guys played outside the country's borders for the first time, after they had made a name for themselves in wide circles with their fresh and energetic sound.
From 2013 to 2019, Insanity61 released 4 albums with the music becoming progressively harder, but also more melodic and attracted people from related music genres. Then, after the difficult pandemic period for all artists and cultural workers, the group re-entered the concert stages awakened from the Corona sleep with a lot of news and full of energy. A two-week tour of Mexico with Thell Barrio opened the comeback, and since 2022 the band has been pleasing its fans all over the world with regular single releases. Now the band is set to release their new album, Kick The Bucket, via Sliptrick Records later in the year.

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