Band Biographies: Metasphaera

Metasphæra was founded in 2015 by guitarists Tom Heckmann and Egor Gorelik (Kaos Vortex) and was completed a short time later with drummer Julian Hauptvogel. Without a bass player, the three-headed constellation intensively prepared their live set with songs written by Tom Heckmann between 2007-2012 and played concerts from 2016. Julian left the band in 2017 and was replaced by drummer Johannes Kochs (Cypecore, Vileblood, Raptvre). After another period of preparation with and more live shows with the new lineup, the band recorded their debut album between 2018-2020, featuring Hugo Doyon- Karout (Beyond Creation, Equipoise) on bass. The line-up split between 2019-2021, but concentrated on finishing the studio production. Since 2021, the project has been in a phase of re-forming with a focus on the completion and release of the album.

Line up:

Tom Heckmann – Guitars, Vocals
Egor Gorelik – Guitars
Johannes Kochs – Drums
Hugo Doyon-Karout – Bass

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