Band Biographies: Minneriket

I founded Minneriket in the early 2010s to have a personal and empty canvas to express myself. Starting as a one-man band I have released four original full-length albums with Minneriket, and also done a cover album for notorious black metal act Burzum. Along the way, Minneriket has included several session musicians, and the latest album “Gjennom meg går ingen til hvile” sees collaborations with a huge roster of talented individuals. The album was released in early 2022 and musically it continues where the experimental pieces of “Anima Sola” left off, yet marks a distinct evolution in the black metal sound. The album features a broad selection of instruments such as piano, saxophone, cello, flutes, harps, violins, and violas and utilizes several vocalists to get the right variation in the vocal styles.

With these new approaches to creating my particular branch of Romantic black metal, Minneriket is a band that transcends the norms of the genre. With its innovative approach and unpredictable style, Minneriket has solidified itself as one of the most exciting modern black metal bands.

For all news about Minneriket check the official website at and follow Minneriket on all relevant social media for the latest updates.

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