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Ultima, born and raised by people with two common passions: heavy riffs and video games. Both can be heard in every one of their records: djenty riffs, powerful melodies, and arrangements, with crazy synth sounds and uncommon ideas. Their shows are without time to breathe and combine some ambient moments with huge breakdowns. Jacopo Ceretta and Massimo Forestan, having already formed a band together, decided in 2016 to introduce Patrik Roncolato to find the prog sound imprint they were looking for. Matteo Polonio came a year later, being the ultimate element for a massive djent band. Their first single, Malasomni, had the voice of Led from the band Kanjante. Some months later, Matteo Toffanin joined the band as the lead singer. Lyrics deal with strong symbols and messages (with some references from video games and TV series/books) with a constant presence of a little right, a rushlight of hope.

The EP "Meritamun" has been released in 2019, with "Malasomni" - published by Circle Pit on Youtube - and "Inadequate" - on their official Youtube channel - as singles. “Inadequate” reached 30k views in a couple of months. Later, Ultima released a live session of another song from the EP, "Iconoclasm". In 2022, the single "Four Mornings" preannounced the brand new album to be released. The single “I Won’t Hide” is on every platform, with a Youtube video visualizer presented by Spaceuntravel, "Kids" with an official music video presented by BVTV, and "Hybrid Peach" with an official music video also presented by BVTV. And the debut album is on its way...

Ultima had gigs with local bands and took part in many contests, succeeding many times; won the prize for the Best Band in the 2021 “Alex Ruffini” music contest for live show presence, won the prize “Defenders of The Faith” by After Dusk Studio, in 2022 with a homemade original demo.

Ultima has been playing live since 2019 all around Northern Italy and in nearby countries. The first EP release was presented with a tour between Italy, Croatia and Slovenia. Energy and quality in live shows is constantly rising, and many new shows are being programmed for the next years.

Djent, Prog metal from Italy

FFO: Periphery, Monuments, Volumes, Tesseract

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