Band Biographies: Zeit

ZEIT was founded in 2010. After a self-titled demo, the first 3 EPs "Wintersturm", "Trümmer" (2015) and "Gram" (2016) followed as a trinity. The first album “Konvergenz” was released on tape and CD in 2017.

The "null."-EP from 2018 slowed down two old ZEIT songs to Funeral Doom tempo. The second album “Drangsal” followed in 2019. In 2021, "Betonkrebs", a half-hour excursion into grind punk, was released as a limited tape release.

The new album follows the development of “Drangsal”. Recorded in our own “Studio 357”, “Ohnmacht” musically once again falls through the net - somewhere between Sludge, Doom, Death and Black Metal. Produced and released by ourselves, the DIY approach allows musical freedom. "Ohnmacht" will be released on vinyl, CD and tape.

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