Behind The Artworks: E & B The Deadlights - Echoes Of A Dreamless Life (2023)

1. Who designed the artwork?

Ethan - The artwork was designed by Olly T who we have worked with before on our single Unmarked Grave. We originally found Olly through one of our favorite bands Creeper, he created their infamous Callus Heart logo and for this album and the vibe we were going for it was honestly just a no-brainer to work with him again.

2. What does the cover artwork represent?

Ethan - To me this whole album's meaning is having a hope of finding something new in a dark time but having to be aware of the uncertainty that comes with it. Of course, we are a band that specializes in the dark side of art, so that has been masked with fantasy and horror. Art-wise I wanted it to look like it could be the cover of a Stephen King/Clive Barker book and I think we succeeded. In the background, we have all the things you'd probably be trying to get away from. Then we have this rose in front of a window that leads to the stars. People always tell you to reach for the stars but they are surrounded by darkness so you never know what you might find. Honestly, when I hear these songs and think about the meaning behind them Olly really captured it perfectly through the art in my opinion!

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