Behind The Artworks: Lust - INVICTVS (2023)

For the album's art, we have secured the services of our talented, good friend, Mario Carrasco.

Mario was given a few pointers and concepts that were integral but was given total freedom with the artistic side of it. His art flowed into the painting that you now see before you.

The figures like the crow, cherub, succubus, and Shinto masks represent in an intimate way the past projects, life, and personality of the different members of the band.

The succubus is inspired by Lilith and Hecate, both complicated and complex characters. You can also find imagery related to sin and the occult, like keys, snakes, the moon, or demon horns.

This is all seen from a visceral and pagan point of view. Excess, lustful sin, and temptation which every single human can fall into and be judged and/or condemned.

Of course, there's also the scythe, which is a worldwide symbol of death. This is everybody's fate, and sooner or later, we will all walk that road. On top of this, we believe that the scythe symbol represents us as a band and for us, it inspires dedication, discipline, and values, needed to become a good person and a worthy, elevated, better version of yourself.

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