Behind The Tracks: Burial Extraction - Slain Lamb (Single) (2023)

Burial Extraction has unleashed "Slain Lamb," the second single off their upcoming record "A Shadow Of Things To Come." Brian Lyda, vocalist and bass guitarist, explains the concept behind this new brutal release.

"In Scripture, everything points towards Christ and God's redemptive plan for us. Many of the stories that we read in the Bible are shadows or types of things that demonstrate this plan. Just as the blood of a slain lamb spared God's people from death entering their homes during the Passover, the fulfillment of that protection and redemption came to us all through the death and resurrection of Christ. The blood of the slain lamb, represents the blood of Christ, spilled for our redemption and the promise God made to us."

The single is a blood shedding, riff shredding, snare blasting three minute atomic bomb! Burial Extraction's debut album from The Charon Collective drops April 28th.

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