Behind The Tracks: DRAKON - Providence Of Russian Blood (Single) (2023)

“Our new mini-work is lyrically a concept, and even covers for two different Scandinavian bands, seemingly thematically distant from each other, are successfully woven into this common eschatological outline of the entire material. Through reflections on the place of our people in the universe, our fate and role, skaldically-like we tell in new songs, linking them with a common meaning, a parable-warning about the impending end of the world, Ragnarok, the destruction of all life, while saying that this is the purpose of all our human race and irreversible inevitability. Only we must fight and die proudly, with honor, like gods and real warriors. Or maybe survive at the cost of a lot, in order to be cleansed of the dirt of the outgoing circle of time and become stronger, wiser and brighter.”. 



Morevna’s mowing’s fierce,
But our native mother –
Our bright and sublime Ros
And her sanguineous army
They stand like a world’s pillar,
Like supreme Father-Tree,
They’re keeping our race
From wrath of Serpent-Zmiy

"Our blood's been flowing through the veins of the earth for thousands of years,
It boils with our bitter deaths and scarlet sacrifices,
And its radiant porphyry-bearing light comes from the currents,
Brighter and hotter than the heavenly sun!"

And the gods are with us
With our honor and loyalty,
Our well-tempered love
Shall keep our earth
We hallow great victories
And our past glory,
We are parthenic Grail,
The amber of world
But the foe troops are blacker
Than the clouds of storms,
Their tongues are impure,
They’re not Life, they are Death,
We must crush them to dust –
Its our duty to Universe
Beast’s eternal collapse
At the feast we will curse!

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