Behind The Tracks: Larry The Lion - Lion Mode (Single) (2023)

LION MODE is my first song back as a solo artist, after three years of music semi-retirement. I wanted to create a song about pushing through the hard times, but also coming back with a vengeance. Mean, unapologetic, and heavy! And honest. I want my music to always be honest, and the truth is that this song was made from feelings of failure and depression.

Before Covid-19, I played in a band called Balsam Grove in Texas. The band has actually been featured on Breathing The Core not once, but TWICE in the past (Most grateful!) and when the pandemic hit, it changed everything for everybody. The band basically went on hiatus, I moved to Washington, got married, lost my dad. A bunch of crazy highs and lows in life for a while. But I always felt a little bit empty without music, so I needed to get back on track. All of that anger came out on LION MODE. This song is about not holding back anymore. It's about not giving up on your dreams. It's about not letting the world define you, and it's about giving everything you got. If you're through with the B.S. and feel determined to reach your goal, that's LION MODE.

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