Behind The Tracks: WEAK13 - I’m More Metal Than You! (Single) (2023)

Nick J Townsend of WEAK13: Thanks for asking; well I’ve always taken my metal riffs very seriously and anyone that really knows me will tell you I work hard; but to answer your question about the song, I wrote it the day after a party I was invited to.

I was there to celebrate the Birthday of a great guitar player I know and during the party one of his drunk guests was looking at me like I was a piece of dogshit. Eventually, he broke his silence to tell me that my band wasn’t metal. I laughed when he said that to me

My partner was with me at the party and, bless her, she stepped in and told him “He writes really good metal songs” and then the guy replied “Well if he writes one send it to me” and I was like “Send you a song? Fuck you”.

I was being lectured about being metal by a guy who gave up on his music ambitions years ago and as childish as it sounds I thought to myself “You want a song? I’ll send you a fucking song” so here it is. I’m More Metal Than You!

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