Track By Tracks: Beltfed Weapon - Darkened Demise (2022)

1. Darkened Demise:

Darkened demise title track, this is about the death of a powerful corrupt leader who has made very bad choices as a leader trying to convince all to follow and bring unnecessary death and destruction to the people an act of war and in the end, the darkened demise path has been inflicted.

2. Eternal Fire:

Eternal fire is about 2 souls whose hearts are on fire for each other with love, passion, and pure ecstasy bonded by a raging inferno that is forever ignited rising up from hell into the heaven that they create for themselves surrounded by bad lost selfish souls condemned to their hell to dwell for eternity and burn forever as they have chosen their demise.

3. Head First Into Hell:

Head first into hell, is about the battle of drug addiction and the pain one has to go threw watching a loved one throw their life away and dig themselves deeper into a hole not knowing if they will make it out.

4. Killing Machine:

Killing machine is based on war as a soldier is sent in to strictly kill and kill with no hesitation he loves to kill the enemy it's what he was bred to do it is rooted deep in his blood and doing so if he dies he will die with pride and honor.

5. Accept Your Insanity:

Accept your insanity, this is about narcissism one who feels trapped and can't get out of the horrific mind games and manipulation that they are dealing with on a day-to-day basis

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