Track By Tracks: CHROME WAVES - Earth Will Shed It's Skin (2023)


The first track “Forward” takes place not only in one scene but throughout an entire book. The book details a military retreat that is ordered by an emperor, seemingly for no reason, as they trudge through multiple types of topography, harassed and tortured by another paramilitary group, sacrificing their lives for no particular reason, trying to find the will to fight towards their destination, hundreds of miles from their starting point.

2. Under the Weight of a Billion Souls:

The second track, which we also put out a music video for as the first single on this album, has a very visible theme. It was a little difficult to portray closely to the lyrics, so we took it into our hands to move it several years closer to modern times. The video, and lyrics, portray a small group of men, playing with the world’s resources, fighting over who controls the money, the direction the world moves in, and how greed will eventually lead to mankind's downfall.

3. The Long Rope:

The third track details the scapegoating of a fair, yet ineffective ruler, that is scapegoated by a revolution seeking to overturn fiefdom, and eliminate aristocracy, not unlike the French Revolution.

4. What Desperate Looks Like:

The fourth track should be self-explanatory in topic to anyone that’s ever known someone with an addiction history. The paranoia, desperation, and inability to “live”, but just survive.

5. The Nail:

The fifth track, and probably my favorite one, has an incredible video also. The topic of the video, as interpreted, is a tad different, but with a fantastic interpretation of the lyrics. Originally the lyrics were written with a specific person/character in mind. This person’s job was extracting information through physical torture - the act of removing fingernails and driving a nail through the palm of a hand to hold them still.


The final track of the album, lyrically speaking, connects the first track of the album to the ending, finalizing the despair and death felt throughout an arduous, and pointless death march.

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