Track By Tracks: Lust - INVICTVS (2023)

0. Foreword:

Invictus is a creative mix of old and new, symbolizing a transition as a band from traditional hardcore to newer influences like black metal and other urban styles that we believe fit in conjunction with the hardcore genre and add flavor to our music. Also due to this, half of the songs are in Spanish and the other half in English.

The Spanish songs were selected out of our previous album and reimagined, rerecorded and remixed (sometimes even to the extent of modifying lyrics) to make them fit Lust's new vision. The tracks featuring English lyrics come from the mind of our new frontman, Lewis.

1. Revelation:

Revelation is an old "hardcore trap" beat from Lewis that has been sleeping on his hard drive for a few years, produced by urban Spanish duo "Los Del Control" (Kaydy Cain, Dellafuente, Yung Beef...)

Lewis is an old friend and recurrent collaborator of Los Del Control. There is tons of unreleased music as a result of the collaboration between them through the years. This song was one of those collaborations. Additional guitars and leads were added to the beat, in addition to some extras, to make it sound like an exciting and refreshing intro to the album.

2. Traitors:

To simplify the concept of this song, you can think of it as a "letter to haters", but I think it would speak poorly and make us appear not humble. The lyrics touch on and reference the type of people in your life that are lurking in the shadows, trying to stealthily slander and hurt you, but doing it in a very poor, laughable way, making you notice it all. The result, of course, you laugh it off and prove which side of the story is right with your actions, not words.

3. Fenix:

A celebration of positivity and having the strength to resist adversity. Strength to face all the social issues and mental health problems we come across. It's an ode to resistance and never putting your arms down against society's impositions. Always be ready to fight against any problem that comes your way, and value your own success and growth when defeating these problems and issues that come your way.

4. Live to See:

Live to See is a celebration of human ties. Friendship, love, family, you might think of any members of either group when listening to this song. End of the day, we humans cannot survive alone, and, other people elevate us, the same way we elevate others.

Even in the darkest times, we are not as alone as we think we are and there is always somebody, somewhere, willing to pull us out of the abyss no matter the cost. We have to identify and cherish this archetype of person in our lives, for they can sometimes be a difference of taking vastly different paths in life. Sometimes, even a life or death decision. We must also be grateful for their help and work by improving ourselves, so they can see the rewards and results of their sacrifice and help.

5. Inquisidor:

This is a reference to the punishment we suffer as a society with the different religious currents constructed along our story. Wars between brothers, power trips, and imposed beliefs with the sole purpose of manipulation and control of a society that is, supposedly, advanced and responsible.

6. Isolation:

This is what happens when you don't go outside and touch the grass. Your bedroom walls will devour you and crush your brain. I didn't want to make this song about COVID as every band and songwriter ever is probably doing a covid song (and we have another covid song on the album), but yes, it's also about COVID.

The concept of this song was also inspired by a friend, who spent so much time in their own bedroom during the pandemic that they developed a slight sense of constant danger and hypervigilance every time they needed to go outside, reaching the extent of running to their car and instantly locking doors or sprinting to the public waste disposal to throw out their home's trash contents. Severe psychological needs were needed to correct this mental health issue to some degree.

7. Exodo:

Exodo tells the story about the feelings of a person that leaves their home, town, city, country, birthplace... To look for a new home in hopes of improving their stability and quality of life. This change has consequences. Discrimination, rejection, hatred... These are problems that an immigrant often faces while on their exodus to a land that is supposed to be ideal.

8. 2K21:

This was probably the first song that was written. Of course, it's the covid song. This is how Lewis (and some people around the world) envisioned the end of the pandemic. A new wholesome, empathetic, self-aware society that parties celebrate, and have a good time together. A society that gives importance to what's important and leaves behind useless internet arguments crafted by corporations and clout-seeking website/social media owners.

Unfortunately, he was quite wrong and things remain the same, if not worse. There is also a slight criticism to the above-mentioned, as there are people who really get offended by jokes and rumors of the pandemic starting with somebody eating a pangolin or a bat. There are also people that will get offended if you say "fuck pangolins and bats" and think you actually mean harm to the animals, so I was inspired by these gigantic levels of stupidity and added a few lines at the end to touch on that, have some fun and to test my rusty scream/rap skills.

9. Palabras Vacias:

Palabras Vacias is about valuing honest and sincere people. It's also a criticism of dishonest people who also lie to themselves, lying to reap the benefits of other people's work and achievements without putting in the effort and sacrifice.

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