Track By Tracks: Mortal Blood - Unholy Feast (2023)

1. God of War:

The song is about humanity’s propensity toward war and aggression. The song start’s out “I am death,” and that could be construed as either war is death, man is death, or both. The song was recorded in 2021 before hostilities in Europe. The track was released with the EP in May 2022. Some people think that the song was written about current events. However, current events validate the spirit of the track.

2. Identity Crisis:

The song is exploring the question of what we are and what are we supposed to do in our life. The chorus doesn’t directly answer the question but rather gives a perspective of who we all are.

3. Mortal Blood:

The song Mortal Blood is about facing death.

4. The Savior:

This song is more occult, such that the savior is a false prophet, Satan, demon, whatever you want to call it. Many people look for someone or something to “save” them from their crises. The song is a story of the Savior coming to help but instead taking control of the soul.

5. Apocalypse Incarnate:

Another occult track. The song is about the coming of Apocalypse Incarnate, which could be any negative figure (human or non-human). The “witch” choir hails the coming Apocalypse Incarnate and recognizes it as the “Alpha” and “Omega” (life and death).

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