Track By Tracks: PANSSARITUHO - Sanansaattaja (2023)

1. Sanansaattaja:

The opening track Sanansaattaja is a thrashy death metal song. We consider it catchy so it is the first song.

2. Syvälle haudattu:

Syvälle haudattu is a song with a little black metal vibe in the chorus.

3. Jumala:

Jumala on kuollut is a straightforward beating. It has a kind of "everything is lost" mentality.


7.62 is a song of the assault rifle that the Finnish army use. 7.62 is the caliber of the weapon and as Finland has a mandatory military service, it is very familiar to all who have served.


Teurasmarssi is a middle-tempo death metal song with some Morbid Angel influences. The lyrics are from Winter War.

6.Mädäntynyt torso:

Mädäntynyt torso is an uptempo song with a gritty feel. Really fun to play. The song is about a very sick form of mental illness.

7. Vihaan kuollut:

Vihaan kuollut is a mid-tempo song about a tragic fate of a child, who was killed by her own parents.

8. Sadonkorjuun:

Sadonkorjuun aika is the fastest song of the album.

9. Ihmiskunnan Tuho:

Ihmiskunnan tuho is maybe the most versatile song of the album. It starts slow and ends with a fast grind part. The song is a fuck you for the stupid cancel culture.

10. Teloitus:

Teloitus Is the last song and it is fast and fierce. It has very good riffs and it sounds very aggressive.

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