Track By Tracks: Severed Angel - Severed Angel (2023)

The album starts with an instrumental called Introspection with spoken word from Combat and Thrash Or Die vocalist Ralph Viera before kicking in to In The Red. Dogs of War continues the sonic assault before pacing down with the band namesake Severed Angel prior to the ballad A New Beginning. Wide Awake In Screamland shows the band switching gears to a hard rock sound prior to the track Attachment Unavailable, discussing the negative aspects of dependency on social media for validation. Number 8 is then unleashed as a thrash metal song worthy of the Big 4. Closing the original portion of the album is With Wings Anew, a hymn that closes a trilogy suite that begins with Severed Angel and continues with A New Beginning. Finally, the album ends with their cover of Ghost’s Square Hammer (their first single).

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