Band Biographies: Hellaphant

The band started approx 4 years ago with a different lineup. Garrington Begner and his friend Matthew Lunnen started the band after writing some songs together in Matt's studio. They had known each other from earlier musical groups around the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). The 2 songwriters had a vision and decided to add some members. Over time members came and went while looking for the right fit, which brings us to now. Hellaphant! Garrington Begner -Vocals, guitar, Chris Arenburg- Bass, Scott Cameron- Drums, and Jason Holmes- Lead guitar. The band is signed to an indie label "Faster and Louder Records" out of London ON.

Songwriter Garrington Begner has a long career in the SW Ontario music scene. Early band, "Leftovers", was a Heavy Metal band out of Oshawa ON in which he founded and played bass. Leftovers had a couple of releases and a video that received air time on Much Music. He kicked around the scene always writing until he formed the band "-LAME-", A Power pop/punk band, that was signed to the Vespa Music Group. -LAME- Ol Dr. Bomb was produced by Pete Lesperance (Harem Scarem). "-LAME-", released the debut album "Ol' Dr. Bomb" which they toured Canada to promote. The band won the HITZ FM new music search which brought a spotlight to Garrington's writing. In this time he also had a short stint playing bass for the band "The Almighty Trigger Happy" and helped write and record "Uncooler". With Hellaphant he has continued his writing style with very catchy pop/punk melodies taking from his influences like The Replacements, The Monkees, Big Drill Car, and so many others and wrapping them into one package...

Chris Arenburg- Bass was introduced through a mutual acquaintance. Chris played in punk bands around London On. area for most of his life. After taking some time away from music to focus on life, Chris wanted to get back into playing music in a band. He joined "The Thing from Outer Space" (A surf band) but wanted to play in a punk-style band again. Chris anchors the band and keeps Garrington's overactive imagination in check LOL. Chris's bass style adds a steady bottom end with bass lines that weave in and out that tie it all together.

Scott Cameron- Drums. Scott has been a sought-after drummer around the London scene for a while. Scott was the drummer for the well-known, London, On band, Daily Murders. Scott Joined the band after a mutual acquaintance had suggested he go try out. Knowing Chris already, Scott and Garrington were able to connect over their appreciation for vintage scooters, skateboarding, and similar taste in music. It's a perfect fit. The quiet thunder.

Jason Holmes-Lead Guitar. Jay came to join the band after laying low from playing for many years. A hidden gem. After hearing the band was looking for a new guitarist Jay reached out to G. Walked into rehearsal and floored the band with his playing and outlook. Jay played in previous bands, recording, and clubbing but had been out of the scene. His playing style brings a new and positive layer to the band.

At the end of the day, you have 4 guys who have come together to write, record and play music that they are passionate about and proud of. Welcome to Hellaphant.


Crumble and Rise have been in the works for a while. Due to label and member changes the album was on the back burner while we worked on fortifying the band. The band released an EP on cd (produced by Siegfreid Meier) to help get shows and to build up a name for themselves. When it came time to record the album, the band chose to work at Sugar Shack studios in London, On with Simon Larochette at the helm. The album was mastered by Harry Hess (H Bomb mastering). The album is a look into heartbreak and mental health issues while bundled up in catchy pop melodies.

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