Band Biographies: Space Hamster

Space Hamster is a Czech band that was formed in the spring of 2013 when Patrik Lorenc, aka Motorak (MINCING FURY and G.C.o.Q.D.), Martin Dutkiewicz, aka Dutky (ex Cinzana Bianca), and Denis Kudyn aka Dicko (list of the bands shared in the ship memory crystal) met at an unspecified tavern in Brno spaceport. The band started as a trio with Dutky on the bass resonator and Denis on the percussion cockpit, and Patrik on the superstring guitar manipulator. The band's booster sound was then propelled by the addition of space jockey Martin Andonov (ex Cinzana Bianca) as the vocalist, and the second superstring addition, Novas (ex Cinzana Bianca) who later alternated with Kubýk (Kandar, Somnus Aeternus).

After long debates and liters of beer, the band finally settled on the Corvette's name Space Hamster, which Denis and Motorák thought perfectly captured their sound. The band then stabilized its space crew and started playing shows and rocking the asteroid belt, later with new crew member Peter, aka Lenin (not the commie from distant Earth's history), who changed the superstring manipulator position with Kubýk.

In 2019, the band recorded its debut album, "The Ascent to Nothingness," which was a full-fledged effort that showcased the band's signature sound and direction. The album was recorded at Otyn's studio and marked the beginning of Space Hamster's musical journey. The band's music was a unique blend of melodic death metal, deathcore, thrash metal, and other metal influences that was well-received by fans of Black Dahlia Murder ultranauts.

Throughout their career, Space Hamster has always pushed the boundaries of music into outer space, experimenting with new alloys of styles and alien influences. With a planned EP deployment in 2023, they continue to be a recognizable force on the Czech scene.

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