Band Biographies: WHYTHRE

Whether it’s writhing with wailing solos, slithering with sinuous synth lines, or awash with waves of riptide riffs, Whythre’s latest is without remorse. They came to lay waste and write solid album titles — and they’re all out of album titles. Consequently, Impregnate My Hate opens with a single Scorchbreath, an onslaught of solos, slamming breakdowns, subtle orchestration, and a sing-along chorus that embodies Whythre’s deft formulation of melodic death metal singed with a blackened edge.

Having been fixtures in the Seattle metal scene since 2016, band members Adam Chambers (Vox | Guitar | Synths), Shon Petrey (Guitar | Synths), Steve Fournier (Percussion), and Eric Close (bass) know their way around both riff craft and laying down a tight performance. But Whythre’s latest expulsion of fury seethes like a band that’s only getting started, from the first violent lick to the final double-bass kick. Follow along to standout tracks like Immanence, which thunders along with the certainty of slow death and offers little in the way of forgiveness, or to Scorpions of Sinai, which has a groove guaranteed to move any circle pit. The fury of Whythre’s writing is real, but fury is rarely this much fun: expect to get your ass kicked, and enjoy it.

Whythre live shows have spanned the northwest including two appearances at Washington Deathfest and opening for acts like Hypocrisy, Fleshgod Aplocalypse, Obscura, Pain, Archspire, Orphaned Land, Beyond Creation, Ghost Bath, and Astronoid. On stage, Whythre puts on a raw thrashy show with face-melting leads and fist-pumping riffs. Whythre is a growing force with a distinctive sound that is not to be missed!

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