Behind The Artworks: Forged In Black - Lightning In The Ashes (2023)

The artwork for this album was designed by the very talented, Dan Goldsworthy. We worked with him on our previous album “Descent of the Serpent”. He has recently produced artwork for the likes of Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, Alestorm, and Corpsegrinder.

Working with the album title “Lightning in the Ashes”, I wanted the artwork to reflect lightning striking our Blacksmith mascot, transforming him from his classic molten metal state into a cyber nuclear-powered modern forger of metal. This also reflects the lyrical themes in songs such as “Detonation Ritual” and “Lightning in the Ashes”.

Dan’s work certainly captured the right vibe and our key aims. The Blacksmith is busy forging the new album on his anvil, with two swords in the shadows behind him representing our 2 previous albums.

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