Track By Tracks: Age Of Fire - Through The Tempest (2023)

For a little background on our EP “Through the Tempest”, all tracks were written during the pandemic and we also had some lineup changes. The times were strange, to say the least and writing these tunes proved to be very cathartic.

1. Children of the Night:

Based on the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. This song imagines the power vacuum which occurs in Transylvania when Dracula goes to London and his homeland is taken over by the local werewolves. For the first two verses, you fear the werewolves but by the third verse you’ve become one. This was the first single released from the EP on Halloween 2021.

2. Mary Celeste:

This song tells the story of the famous ghost ship the Mary Celeste. Greg has always been a fan of sea stories, shanties, and the mythology and romance that goes along with it. It continues to be a mystery to this day what happened to this vessel. It just showed up, no one on board, nothing in the log, the whole crew just vanished and the boat was unharmed.

3. Through the Tempest:

We love instrumentals. This is of course the title track of the EP. Written during the pandemic, and the tempest became the metaphor for the state of the world at the time. It could also refer to anything that an individual is going through or struggling with. Originally titled Into the Tempest but wanting to be more optimistic it became “Through”.

4. Seeds of Tomorrow:

This tune is about the importance of the choices that we make today and how they affect our tomorrow. Definitely politically inspired during the events of Covid 19. It was a mind-boggling time for sure. It was easy to see the whole system unravel around us and how fragile we all are.

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