Track By Tracks: Terror Activator - Forcibly Wasted (2023)

1. Shy of Enough:

The song is about feeling alone despite receiving help from someone close to you. It seems to be enough to solve your problems, but it never really is.

2. Two-Faced Gateway:

It's about addiction to alcohol that becomes a starting point for being addicted to heavier illegal substances.

3. Friendly Fire:

Just an honest rant; each word of this song is a curse dedicated to the one who betrayed you.

4. Victims of Greed:

This piece is about being enslaved by your government, which tries to dictate your thinking while ruthlessly lying. Into Innermost: Explores the deepest and darkest thoughts, the fearful paranoia induced by taking an irresponsible amount of an illegal substance.

5. A Bit Batty:

Puts you through a morning after a night of being blacked out drunk, attempting to make you reconsider your life choices but failing tremendously.

6. Suffer and Die:

An outbreak of aggression, anger, and any other negative feeling you can think of.

7. Moshing is Available:

A funny yet instrumentally enriched tune with no meaning besides entering a wild mosh pit without prioritizing your safety.

8. Mania:

The song differs a bit from the rest, it describes a state of toxic relationships during which a person starts to enjoy their current state of affairs, but at the same time, realizes potential consequences.

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