Behind The Artworks: Efflore - Haunted Island (2023)

We used a drawing method similar to Ukiyo-e. Because of the historical relationship between Taiwan and Japan, the painting style of ukiyo-e is not unusual in Taiwan.
The cover is the Tigress Witch, one of the legendary monsters in Taiwan, which is also one of the songs in the album. The Tigress Witch in folklore is actually not as huge as in the painting, which belongs to the exaggerated style in Ukiyo-e, and also emphasized that tiger witches usually eat children.
The mountain forest in the blue background is a reference to the "Wangyou Forest" in Nantou, Taiwan. Due to past earthquake disasters, Wangyou Forest has created a group of dead trees that are rare in Taiwan. Some people think the forest is beautiful, and many people think that the forest is full of death.
The back of the album corresponds to Wraith in the old well. Bamboo forests are common scenes in Taiwan, and wells in bamboo forests are common appearances in early Taiwan.

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