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Aleksandar Mitrović, known by his artistic name Acart, released his debut solo album Ćiril Method in October 2017, drawing inspiration from traditional music, funk, and rock-jazz. The following year, in 2018, Acart and his quartet recorded an audio-visual studio album titled Studio Sessions. The music video for the song Vulgarian Bulgarian was filmed in 2015 during the production of the Ćiril Method album. Additionally, he promoted his album Homo Ludens, released in 2020, with singles and music videos such as Kona, Oj vrbo (a duet with Sashka Janx), Miholjdan (a duet with Srdjan Timarov), Nosite sirene and others.

As a composer, arranger, lyricist, guitarist, singer, and producer, Acart is creating music that loosely fits in the genre of World Music. His work is rooted in funk, layered with jazz harmonies, blues-rock guitar touches and eternally inspired by Balkan music heritage. His latest works are within the framework of electronic and epic-symphonic music.

Acart is a university-educated musician who also works as a music critic, columnist, and music educator. He also published two books of poetry: Simfonija kiša and Indigo tišine.

Acart is:

Acart (Aleksandar Mitrovic) – composer, songwriter, singer, guitarist, keyboardist, producer

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