Behind The Scenes: Oceanica - Mother Of Eyes (Official Video)

Venturing into the behind-the-scenes narrative of Oceanica's music video, "Mother of Eyes", we uncover a visual exploration of personal struggles and the potent therapeutic power of music. Through their music video, Oceanica exhibits an honest, dark, and real portrayal of their experiences and feelings.

"Mother of Eyes is, perhaps, the most personal lyric/song on the new album. It deals with some things that I really don't like talking about...yet by not talking about them, I have built up a lot of negativity inside me," Oceanica shares. Through the track, the band delves deep into the realms of family conflict, the consequences of suppressed emotions, and alcohol abuse.

The video mirrors these themes, featuring a 'father figure' battling alcohol addiction, symbolizing the band's present self. The children in the video are snippets from a tumultuous past of a broken home. The haunting melody and the reflective narrative drive home the universal message that blood isn't always thicker than water.

The visual production quality is the brainchild of the talented Daria and the Cottonbro team, combined with Oceanica's hands-on involvement in the process. Oceanica mentioned, "The incredibly talented Daria and the Cottonbro team captured the footage... I then edited that footage, added FX/cuts, re-graded some parts and built the visual narrative around the music/lyrics."

Creating the visual representation of this deeply personal song posed a unique challenge. Oceanica confessed, "Finding the right narrative to tell using only the footage available was perhaps the most difficult aspect... I'm no expert in creating visuals, but I really enjoy the process of editing."

"Mother of Eyes" is a part of the new album "Panta Rhei," which tackles themes surrounding the human condition. The album resonates with a certain menace, echoing through the video and painting a visceral portrayal of the harsh realities of life.

Giving "Panta Rhei" a chance to 'speak its truth' was a journey in itself for the band. Returning to the music after a lengthy hiatus, Oceanica found it to be a cathartic experience. Oceanica expressed, "I felt like it deserved a chance to speak it's, the sheer amount of cathartic release I'd get as a result of letting it go would be a huge boon for me as its creator."

The band's hope for the video is inherently personal, and they wish for the audience to derive something meaningful from it. Oceanica stated, "The only thing I've ever hoped for by sharing my music is that someone else can get something for themselves from what I do."

While creating the video involved several technical aspects, the meticulous planning helped navigate these challenges.

In essence, the music video for "Mother of Eyes" embodies the spirit of Oceanica. Through their music and this riveting visual narrative, Oceanica has created an immersive platform for fans to engage in deep introspection and self-healing, further showcasing that, in their words, "darkness is as vital as light and should not be feared.

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  1. Thank you for asking me the questions and sharing this on your website.
    I really appreciate it.

    - Ben from OCEANICA

  2. Here's a link the video, if anyone would like to see what I am talking about.

    Thank you,
    Ben from OCEANICA


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