Behind The Scenes: Overman - Desert Ship (Official Video)

A short story to "Desert Ship" by Hauke, Bass player @ Overman)
“My task was clear – I had to organize some white roses. The idea is there on the whiteboard: Desert Ship, start in Northern Germany on a small dune, then capture the atmosphere of a dark forest, now fight against the inner demons, and afterward escape from the inner demons. acting friends, beer, pizza, dangerous looking masks-> that fits!
With Nicola we found a great hobby film maker, who impressed us with his love for details, his creative ideas, his passion for this art form, without commercial thoughts, we found the perfect partner for our project.
The Question "what does the song want" was perfectly set in form. Last but not least the cut and effects who were deployed by Nikola making the film to his visual representation of our Song Desert Ship.

Oh yes, of course Hauke forgot the white roses. It’s a Sunday in May, all shops are closes, 10 o’clock be there at the meeting point, hectic, panic drive to find an open shop, tinkered alternatives, all without success.
But in the end, we found some roses and could bring the lines of our song to life "Everyone is bringing roses to the place where i rest unsung"

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