Track By Tracks: Droid Killer - The Terminator vs. The Preacher (2023)

1. The Collapse:

Feel death, swallow you! One of my favorite songs on the album. This song is CRUSHING. The production is fully dialed in and the album hits hard right at the start. The character of The Terminator is fully revealed, as is the resistance.

2. Technology’s Noose:

After the listener is floored by The Collapse the album slides into the classic doom groove of Technology’s Noose giving the listener a sense of relief. This song is really about the clever double entendre of the lyrics and the repetitive machine-like groove.

3. BioTech:

BioTech formally introduces the character The Preacher. This is a super tight kind of thrashy song and a victory anthem for the human spirit!

4. Terminator:

This is a new recording of the single Droid Killer released in 2022, the guitars are bigger, and the drums slam harder. Everyone loved this song when the single dropped, it was a viral hit and instant favorite that brought more traffic to our label than anything they had released in a long time. It has a dark and classic Metal feel that is really awesome.

5. Genocide Campaign:

This is a new recording of a single we released on Earth Day. The Terminator’s warning to humans that are going to be destroyed for being bad stewards of Spaceship Earth. The vocals on this version are bigger and more brutal than the original. Another crushing song that escalates the heavy factor.

6. Hunter Killer:

This song has some groove and technical riffage that brings to mind Megadeth and Dimebag’s playing in Pantera, with a chorus that is distinctively Droid Killer. The take we ended up using was actually one of those times where the engineer hit record while the song was being rehearsed, but the groove was played so laid back and perfect it had more swagger than other takes.

7. Fear Fully Made:

One of the heaviest songs on the album with brutal vocals and electric Metal riffs. This is a deep cut for hardcore Metal listeners. Fear Fully Made is the longest song on the album, and it is one of the few tracks with a guitar solo. We generally do not like guitar solos, Droid Killer is about riffs and massive, crushing guitar. This guitar solo adds to the vibe of the song perfectly though without sounding like 80’s hair metal wanking. This song took the longest to mix, the extremes in vocal styles made it very challenging. An instrumental version of this song is on the digital album, but everyone that buys the physical release gets this song too on the digital copy included with their album purchase.

8. Upgrade:

This song is a lot of fun. It is an homage to one of the greatest Hard Sci-Fi flicks of the modern age. The chorus is so brutal, it has an Autopsy Severed Survival kind of vibe but in the distinct tech Sci-Fi Droid Killer way.

9. Age Of The Titans:

This song is part of the complete program for the physical album release. It is one of the best Droid Killer songs. Love this song. We wanted to have something special for the people that still buy albums and support the artists. This is Droid Killer’s personal thank you to you for supporting us so we can continue to create. There is nothing else out there that sounds like this, it goes from some of the most melodic prog vocals to some of the most brutal, pig squeal vocals ever recorded. Much gratitude and love to everyone that supports artists.

10. Biological Machine:

This is The Preacher’s message, the victory anthem that concludes the album with a message of empowerment and hope. It has more of that classic doom sound with the cleanest vocals on the album.

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