Track By Tracks: Evilon - A Warriors Way (2023)

1. Yggdrasil:

Yggdrasil is the first song of the album.

A song that in my opinion has everything; magnificent orchestra, heavy riffs, beautiful melodies, powerful bass, intense drums, and mean-growling vocals.

The meaning of this song I simply a tale of finding your "home" and/or the one person that makes you feel at home, but also the sometimes difficult journey to get there.

2. Jotunheim:

The second song of the album is Jotunheim, this is in a way a more straightforward kind of song that I really really like.

The meaning? sometimes it doesn't need some deep meaning, in my opinion, this one is about ice giants and their realm Jotunheim.

3. Walk of the damned:

The next song is Walk of the damned, a song that we released as a single back in 2021, it was meant to be on this album the whole time but the process of making the album took longer time than we thought.

Have you ever had a person in your life that drains every piece of energy you have, and have you ever ended that relation?

If you have you will understand these lyrics, this song is dedicated to them!

4. A warriors way:

A warriors way is probably one of my favorite songs on the album.

A really sad and powerful song with a deep meaning that I wrote straight from my heart two days after my beloved grandmother passed away.

This song is dedicated to all of those who are no longer with us.

5. Into the battlefield:

A true bulldozer of a song, this is straightforward, pedal to the medal all the way.
A simple tale of a battle in true Viking spirit.

6. Foreign land:

Foreign Land was one of the first songs we actually wrote for this album, it's been with us for a long time but I still love playing this one.

For the lyrics, I took inspiration from when the Vikings sailed to raid England, the result? A foreign land!

7. Galdr:

This song has a mythical and cozy vibe to it, you can clearly hear the Nordic folk sound in this one.

If I close my eyes it feels like being in the deepest of the Swedish forest surrounded by all the mythical folklore creatures!

In the old Norse, Galdr is (shortly explained) a spell or incantation often in the form of a song.

8. My runestone:

Next up: My rune stone.

I have to start by saying that I love how Anders plays the drums in this one, it gives the song a whole new level of energy!

The meaning of this one is simply a tale of life, that you have to keep on going and keep fighting no matter the difficulties life brings you.

At least for me giving up is never an option, my dream / my life / my will - referred to as "my runestone" is like the lyric says: Standing still, no matter what.

9. Skáld:

A cool song with many elements that are built up and kinda special, but the end result is awesome!

Skáld is shortly explained as a poem or a tale.

As I said earlier, all songs do not need a special meaning, this is a song/skáld/poem/tale inspired by the cruelest way of torture ever invented: the blood eagle.

10. Blot to the skies:

This song, especially the chorus (literally) takes my breath away.

Breathing is a necessity to survive, but that is not an option for singing this chorus!

This is a tail about a Viking's life: the desire of ending up in Valhalla and get confirmation from the gods, and of course their way to honor the gods: Blot.

11. Valkyria:

This song is probably our oldest song, this was first released on our first EP "Shores of evilon".

The song has been a part of us for such a long time and we have played it on almost every live gig, so to make a remake of this one was something we definitely wanted to do with our new lineup when I took over the vocals.

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