News: INTERNAL SUFFERING: Long-Running Brutal Death Metal Titans Premiere "Unleash The Antarctic Colossus" At Stereogum‏

In advance of the release of the devouring Cyclonic Void Of Power, the forthcoming new full-length (and first in nearly a decade) from long-running brutal death metal titans, INTERNAL SUFFERING, today Stereogum offers up "Unleash The Antarctic Colossus" for widespread infestation.
"Cyclonic Void Of Power... runs deeper than the typical blast of brutal death metal," issues the esteemed blog. "Split into three chapters, these ten songs plus one cold Lovecraftian ode form a conceptual whole. Tracks are sprinkled with lines like 'Cosmic cataclysms, empyrean catastrophes/ State of duality!' And the music matches that hinted-at abundant harvest of lyric-sheet exclamation points, smartly, catchily, stacking riff atop riff atop riff... INTERNAL SUFFERING's confidence and comfort with the material is a key contributing factor... It sounds human. This quality really shines in 'Unleash The Antarctic Colossus' back half when [drummer Wilson 'Brigadier'] Henao, after already spending three minutes beasting through a forearm workout that would be the envy of peak Mark McGwire, just goes for it. Turbo engaged, double bass and snare start a-rolling at ludicrous speed. Where other BDM outfits might practice this sort of impulsive adrenaline rush out in favor of robotic, logical precision, INTERNAL SUFFERING, keeping with its career-long hunt for that next gear philosophy, uses it as a centerpiece. And the impact hits harder because super human feats sound cooler when actual humans are performing them. That's why ...Power... runs deeper: For all of its impossible shredding, it's relatable. It's recognizable."
Get eviscerated with the sounds of "Unleash The Antarctic Colossus," courtesy of Stereogum, at THIS LOCATION.
You can also sample "Cyclonic Void Of Power" still streaming at THIS LOCATION.
INTERAL SUFFERING's Cyclonic Void Of Powerwill devour the masses on June 24th, 2016 via Unique Leader in CD, vinyl and digital formats. Preorder options are currently available at THIS LOCATION.
Captured at 16th Cellar Studios in Rome (FleshGod Apocalypse, Hour Of Penance, Hideous Divinity, etc.) by Italian death metal mastermind Stefano Morabito (Eyeconoclast, ex-Hour Of Penance),Cyclonic Void Of Power delivers ten brand new tracks of the band's traditionally fast yet chaotic and wildly technical brand of sonic malevolence. A concept album divided into three separate chapters,Cyclonic Void Of Power follows the mystical, mythological and magic chaotic universe the band has explored on previous outings into far more complex realms.
Spawned in 1996, INTERNAL SUFFERING relocated from their home base in Pereira, Columbia to Madrid, Spain. Notorious for their apocalyptic brand of brutal, blasting, technically proficient death metal, the band's bestial discography includes four full-lengths: 2000's Supreme Knowledge Domain(Repulse Records), 2002's Chaotic Matrix (Displeased Records), 2004's Choronzonic Force Domination (Displeased Records), and 2006's Awakening Of The Rebel (Unique Leader Records), the last two of which featured the production of extreme metal sound-wizard Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal/ex-Morbid Angel). A maniacal work ethic and thirst to spread their audio peril globally has allowed INTERNAL SUFFERING the opportunity to ransack stages throughout the US, Europe, and Asia along the iconic likes of Cannibal Corpse, Sodom, Incantation, Exodus, and Origin, among many more.

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