Behind The Artworks: TIRAN - Apocalyptic Tales (2017)

For all the band's history, "Apocalyptic Tales" became the first release, for what artwork we specially asked to the professional designer. I pretty long time was familiar with Michael from MOSAEYE ART & DESIGN, we were meeting on our shows and he many times offered to work together on the TIRAN's releases artwork. In addition he designed releases of many bands I know and I like his style. Earlier, we used his artwork for our single "Used", but it was painted before that we decided to take it for us. Idea of "Apocalyptic Tales" design was worked by us since the very beginning. We had recorded some demo tracks from the album, including the title track, with what the new cover art used to be connected. I sent the music and lyrics to Michael, brought on the table my wishes about the art, he made some rough draft, and almost without any correction, we decided that it is really what we need. At the center of the picture is what remained from the human, blind, rotten from inside creature, which able to perceive only what dictates the surrounding madness, controlled by religious and political doctrines. If this decomposition is not stopped, then the all-consuming Chaos will soon swallow everything else that can be saved and leave behind itself only the gray ashes.

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