Track By Tracks: TIRAN - Apocalyptic Tales (2017)

1. Apocalyptic Tales:

First and the title track of the album. It touches on a far from new, but nevertheless still relevant topic of blind religiosity and the herd instinct prevailing in modern society. About how billions of people around the world go on about a few hundred preachers who are not seeking in the obedience of the crowd are nothing but their own gain. But this slavery is the conscious choice of today's humanity. Nobody even wants to think about freedom or struggle. Therefore, there remains the only correct way out: to improve oneself and to show the herd in personal examples, that there is an alternative, we need only break the stereotypes in our head that society builds and strengthens from birth. This track was written first in the trio format / Kate-Father- Tiran /, after the collapse of the past line up and, in addition to the hard lyrics, it's turned out to be quite tough, straightforward and embittered.

2. Agony In Hate:

During my creative way in TIRAN, quite a lot of people left me not only in the band, but also in my personal life, and I almost always tried to stay with them in good relations, but this was not always the case. And, as a rule, hatred came from those people who left. Maybe they understood their mistake, but it's easier for them to hate me than to admit that they were wrong. "Agony In Hate" is dedicated to their lost souls and useless rotting lives in the routine of the days.

3. Crawling Pile:

A song about those who still decide to make a challenge to their existence, locked in a cage. And about what shock awaits them outside of their familiar comfort zone. When a person gets to see from the outside everything that he lived and that he considered his ideals, there's a chance for him to get really shocked. So strong that many people get desperated and prefer to return to their habitual habitat. I think that the issue of this choice is very important in everyone's life, probably therefore "Crawling Pile", from the musical point of view, came out with a rather complex and multilayered composition as well.

4. Entropy:

Entropy is a physical concept, meaning the internal uncertainty of a substance or an entire system. And now imagine that the experiment man puts above himself and sees from the side all the instability of his own consciousness, the nature of which he is not able to affect in any way. Interestingly, isn't it?

5. Metal Messiah:

Oh yeah! This is a straightforward and uncompromising anthem of Heavy Metal! The music and the lifestyle that we love, appreciate and live with! No hidden meaning, no extra philosophy, only Metal Till Death!

6. Amnesia /I Hope So/:

And again about human losses! Or about love ... Or maybe about the both of them at the same time.

But, what distinguishes this situation from the ones that described by "Agony In Hate", in this case, I'm not at all ready to observe neutrality. Burn In Hell, Baby!

7. Speed As Hell, Drunk As Well:

It can be told that this song is my personal life position. I have developed splendid relations with the alcohol. I drink it daily in large quantities. Many people think that this is bad, but I don't see anything wrong with that. Alcohol helps me to keep moral stability in everyday life and more clearly see the things that many people simply don't pay attention to in everyday routine . Maybe someday it will kill me, but it will not be the worst option to die. Or do you want to live forever?

8. A Pilot’s Ruin:

This song was written by the Russian band KOMA in 1994 for their album "Born To Be Great", and Tiran has been preparing it for the tribute of this band for a long time, but the tribute can't be released yet for more than ten years, so we decided to include our version in "Apocalyptic Tales". It is very harmoniously blended into the overall canvas of the album and tells about the last minutes of the life of a military pilot. It's about what he thinks about and what he feels just a moment before his machine turns into a pile of burning debris.

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