Track By Tracks: Alleyway - After Dark (2020)

1. Next Passenger X:

Going insane on a train to nowhere, trying to solve the mystery of his missing girl. 

2. Live Wild Now:

No one lives forever. Burn in the fire of Heavy Metal.

3. All The Screams:

Blacking out and waking up in strange places and having nightmares about stalking and murdering people.

4. Soussan-Pannan:

We summon the spirit whose face is covered in sores and celebrate drinking liquor and blood.

5. After Dark:

Lost somewhere in a big city far away drunk off your fucking ass.

4. Snake Eyes:

We cast the transformation spell and change into serpents.

5. Sorrento Nites:

Went on tour with my Dad when I was young and stayed for a night in Sorrento, Italy. Was good crying, drinking and having memories.

6. Her Own World:

She once danced on stage at a nightclub until she was murdered. You can still see her spirit dance there when you play her favorite song.

7. The Closer I Get:

Keep going, never stop, faster and faster, even if you don't know what's happening anymore.

8. Genesis In Rapture:

Her name is Genesis and she is the rapture of all our crazy dreams.

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