Behind The Artworks: Motion Device - IV (2020)


The new MDIV album is Motion Device’s fourth release so we thought it would be fitting to focus on the band logo for this particular album cover. There’s so much symbolism surrounding our logo and since this fourth album is the first one to be completely recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by the band, it just made sense that the logo stands on its own. The strings in the logo represent an instrument called a lyre which symbolizes the creation of music and the dove and snake on either end represents whatever the viewer or listener wants them to – good and evil, knowledge and ignorance, love and hate, etc. We buried a roman numeral ‘IV’ behind the logo and we added a rough, worn-out, stone surface along with some square pixels to symbolize both the old ancient age and the new technological age we live in today. The colour red that is especially prominent on this album cover represents the idea that ‘blood is thicker than water’ which is perfectly suited for a band comprised of three siblings and their first cousin. In many ways, we view MDIV as the re-birth of Motion Device and that’s why we left it basically self-titled.

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