Track By Tracks: Motion Device - IV (2020)

1. The Pill:

Every musical journey has a beginning, something to prepare the listener for what’s to come. This short piano piece by Andrea allows you to gently sink into the music that’s about to follow. Once you take the pill, you’ve taken the plunge into the world of Motion Device.

2. Blindfold It Away:

This track is one of the more musically complex on the album and really represents who we are as a band. It’s hard-hitting and a rollercoaster throughout. The 7/8 time change in the bridge is a band favorite within the album. This was actually the first song we wrote when we started gathering material for the new album. It’s about hiding from the harsh reality of what society has truly become. 

3. I’m Still Waiting:

A down and dirty blues track. With the addition of some dissonance within Josh’s guitar chords, it gives this heavy-hitting song some unique, modern tones. The song is sung from Eurydice’s perspective in response to Orpheus after she’s been banished to the underworld. You got to read up on your Greek mythology to get more out of this track! ‘Orpheus’ was also the instrumental intro for the ‘Eternalize’ album. 

4. No Control:

Metal oriented instrumentation accompanied by progressive vocals. The beginning originally began with bass but we decided to switch to piano and give it an extra dark/creepy vibe for the first verse. The song slowly builds and gets heavier until we finally get to a state of emergency. Simply put this song is about the tragedy of drug addiction. 

5. Unmonsterme:

One of the breakthrough tracks on MDIV from the band’s perspective. We used a lot of effects on this one during the verses and then slid into a kind of modern, heavy metal/alternative vibe for the chorus parts. It ended up having a really unique sound that we fell in love with. The song is about our constant need for technology and the internet in order to function as human beings. It was a joy watching how organically this song came together.

6.The Lion Keeper:

This track transformed quite a lot throughout the creation of MDIV. We weren’t quite sure it was going to make the cut but it actually ended up being one of our favourites. It’s about being stuck or trapped in a society run by corporations and politicians and not realizing how much power the masses actually have. Fits perfectly with recent world events don’t you think? We absolutely love how the guitar solo came out on this one. 

7. Mary-Anne:

This track was initially composed entirely on electric guitar and we then decided to add some acoustic guitars in the recording. It’s a new kind of sound for Motion Device and it adds an additional layer to the album. We were going after a unique vibe with this one and we think the acoustic guitars gave the verses and bridge that different kind of sound we were aiming for. The chorus parts are nice and heavy so it creates a nice give and take balance throughout the song. This track is about the price of fame. 

8. Warped:

The bass intro for this one creates a smooth, wishy-washy vibe that sets up another down and dirty track that you can’t help but bang your head to. The riffs and feel of this song are probably the heaviest on the album but the lyrics create some contrast – the song is about being adaptable to change and your surroundings. If you think of the vocals as the stream of water flowing through rigid rocks, which are represented by the heavy instruments, you’ll get a feel for what we were after. 

9. Sweet Desire:

A kind of metal/prog rock ballad with an odd arrangement. This is a track with many layers to it and a variety of changes. It takes quite a few different turns and it really feels like you’re on a rollercoaster if you manage to connect with it. We absolutely love how the vocals worked out towards the ending on this one and the clean guitar at the very end is the icing on the cake. This song is about graduating from school, college or university and entering the ‘real world’ so to speak. 

10. Intervention:

A new age instrumental interlude within the album that also has an old classic feel to it. This piece is meant to give the listener a kind of break within the album and that’s why we went after a completely different sound. It’s all keys and effects created by Andrea with some faint human mumblings mixed in the background. It was partly inspired by the pandemic. 

11. The Ocean Floor:

This track also doesn’t follow a typical song structure that you might normally find within other songs. From the clean instrumental beginning to the gradual fading in of the guitars and vocals to the heavy double kick ending this song constantly increases in intensity throughout. It’s about survival and finding the strength to carry on even when your world seems to be falling apart. This song is actually sung from the perspective of the female in the red dress swimming on the cover of our ‘Wide Awake’ concept album. 

12. High Road:

A rare song for us written in a major key. This one is meant to be an uplifting, upbeat track that gives you the confidence to follow your own path and leave the doubters and nay-sayers behind. This track started off with guitar and as we added the drums and bass it really took on a life of its own. The lyrics flowed right out of Sara for this one so you might hear a lot more of this kind of thing in the future. 

13. Here4you:

Another track written in a major key that ended up being one of the more emotionally charged songs on MDIV. It has more of a classic rock feel to it and might be one of the more radio-friendly tunes on the album or would probably fit really well with a movie soundtrack or television series. You could say it’s our version of a love song. It’s about being there for someone when they need you most. The piano outro turned out to be the perfect ending for this one. 

14. Marching Home:

One of the last additions to the album. All of the band members feel that this song captures everything about Motion Device. It’s soft, heavy, simple yet complex and filled with lots of emotion throughout. It’s about escaping the ‘fiction’ that surrounds us and coming back to truth and reality or ‘home’. Lots of ups and downs in this one with everything leading up to an epic finish accompanying Sara’s final vocal line. We wanted to squeeze in a scratchy vinyl effect somewhere on this album and the intro verse to this song ended up being the best spot. 

15. Bleeding Inside:

This piano and vocal ballad might be the track that pulls on the listener’s heartstrings the most. It’s already become a fan favourite right out of the gate. This was composed by Andrea on piano and Sara on vocals. Sara’s lyrics are an attempt to connect with anyone who feels like they’re constantly suffering in a very chaotic world that’s tough for so many to understand. There are definite plans to release a music video for this one in the near future. 

16. VOID:

This song was unanimously chosen to be the final track on the album. It was the perfect ending for the MDIV album. More of a psychedelic track, we wanted to give this tune a smooth, grungy feel and allow the vocals to take over. It flows in and out, pauses here and there for a few moments and eventually reaches a long, climactic guitar solo. The ending was extended so the listener could be eased into a calm space where they will hopefully feel like they experienced something unique as they traveled with us through the album.

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