Behind The Artworks: Rockin' Engine - The Wretched And The Damned (2020)

Our original band logo represented our love for motorcycles with a V-Twin engine and a skull on it. For our new image, we wanted a more refined logo with a lot of attitude, without compromising our influences. So we decided to keep pistons in our logo as a reference to our passion for cars and motorcycles, and we went with a Baphomet type creature breathing through a mask for our new design. 

For the background, we wanted something that reflects the album’s entire theme, which is chaos, anarchy, destruction, apocalypse… You get the idea! So we had to find an artist that would be able to design exactly what we wanted. Our album producer introduced us to BlackdotX Artwork, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Great price, great turnaround time, and most importantly, great work!

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