Track By Tracks: Rockin' Engine - The Wretched And The Damned (2020)

The album as a whole:

The concept of this album is to point out the chaos we live in our everyday lives, as a society and individually. We talk about people joining forces to start a revolution and put a stop to abuse and discrimination. This is our message to those who want to stand against our world leaders and fight for a better tomorrow. It is our time to speak, our time to fight, with the power of constructive influence and our voices might! 

1. Let It Burn:

This song is literally a verbal attack on everyone responsible for the problems in the world we live in. We’re basically saying, with the devil’s perspective, to just let everything burn cause at this point, there’s just no coming back to a peaceful world. 

2. Mass Hysteria:

What’s funny about this song is that it was written way before this pandemic and somehow reflects exactly everything that’s going on right now. The panic created by the media, the big pharmaceutical industry that will end up profiting from all this, the propaganda, the fear… you get the idea! 

3. Broken Angel:

This song is based on a true story from someone I met a few years back. In this one, I describe the absolute horror and pain that this person had to go through as a child, and even as a young adult. However, we are offering hope and love to this person, hoping it can prevent her from taking her own life. In real life, I was lucky to be able to bring back hope into her spirit and guide her to a better life, one of love and compassion. 

4. I Sold My Soul To The Devil:

It pretty much speaks for itself! These days, there are so many people who would literally sell their mother to the devil in order to achieve greatness, fame, and richness. 

5. The Wretched And The Damned:

In this final song, take all the hatred we built towards this world’s abominations and join the forces of evil to bring justice to those who have suffered and fought for a better life. This group of anarchists is called The Wretched And The Damned.

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