Band Biographies: ABIGAIL'S AFFAIR

ABIGAIL'S AFFAIR is a metalcore/rock band from El Paso, TX, with a fresh and unique sound that sets them apart from other metalcore bands. Formed in 2018 by vocalist and lead guitarist Jag Valdez & drummer Ian Olague, ABIGAIL'S AFFAIR is a band with energetic live show, founding their style through different influences from all the members,Jag,ian,Luis,Adan and Frank. The band has recorded 2 EP's and 1 album, with experience in big shows, opening for bands like Adelitas Way, SCARY KIDS SCARING KIDS AND SECRETS. ABIGAIL'S AFFAIR has played shows in different cities like El Paso, CD.Juarez, Chihuahua, Parral, CUAUHTEMOC. In 2020 the band signed a contract with Wormholedeath Records to distribute their debut album "Shattered".

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