Track By Tracks: ABIGAIL'S AFFAIR - Shattered (2020)

The album is about someone going through a lot, trying to get help and get better after a bad situation in life, so its kind of a concept album in that way.

1/2. Reminiscent/Other Half:

This song is about a person who is perfect for you, but you just cant be with. 

3. G.F.Y.:

Stands for Go Fuck Yourself, some people feel this way after they break up with someone and they start talking shit about you, it also talks about two faced friendships. 

4. Pray:

The fourth track is about being in a dark place after the events happening in the other songs, even though you tried to not care about it too much, and asking someone to pray for you. 

5. Pain:

To find out this person you were with gave you an STD, this is where it gets worse and you become hopeless.

6. Shattered:

This song is a scream for help, as the song says, its when you have this feeling of drowning and desperately scream for someone to pull you out of the water. 

7. Carpe Diem:

Its a positive song, after all you’ve been through try to stay positive, dont look at the past, focus on your present and getting better. 

8. Wolves:

This a band lyric, talks about how we are like a pack of wolves, trying to make it, helping each other out at all times, and clear our minds when we are together. 

9. Burden:

In this song you just have had enough problems of your own to carry with someone else, we all have problems and we dont know what the other person is going through. 

10. Poison II:

This a sequel from a song in our first EP, its kind of a story within a story, as a figurative language, its about selling your soul to the devil to get away from all these things that have been happening to you, but end up feeling worse than you ever did, feeling empty and desperate. 

11.Unspoken Words:

This is the end of the story, its basically a suicide note, you just could’t save yourself so you write your last words and take the hard road which is suicide. 

The lyrics started just as personal experiences and things we felt at the moment, things we went through, but we know a lot of people could relate to this as a whole story, so we decided to make the album like this.

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