Behind The Artworks: Cesspool Of Corruption - Eradication Of The Subservient (2020)

CoC: The artwork is probably most representative of the title track, but also kind of stands alone as well. The “Monster” itself is sort of a metaphor for the inevitable downfall of our kind that we ourselves build day by day, brick by brick. Think of it as the culmination of all the negative happenings within human existence finally manifesting in a malevolent form. It represents our fears, anxieties, hate, etc. all accumulated and unleashed upon ourselves. Sort of a mirror image manifestation of the evil mankind is capable of. As you can see, its attitude toward humanity based upon the cover is certainly misanthropic in nature. The design and creation of the creature. It was created by an Indonesian artist that goes by the tagline MFAXII. He had done some work for some local friends of ours, which is how we found out about him. He was extremely cost effective for what we had to spend at the time, so the situation was a win-win. The original version was black and white only, as he does everything in black and white since he’s actually color blind. At the time we were unaware of this, but the way we worked together to craft the creature and the end result was fantastic. For it being pencil only, we were thoroughly impressed with his work. It without a doubt brings us great pleasure to spread his art that he did for us, and to see it revamped and colored in. As far as the design of the creature in terms of appearance, let’s just say it’s heavily influenced by Lovecraftian lore and creatures, mixed with a certain H.R. Giger creature design that has since become a rather famous film franchise. I’m pretty sure you can connect the dots from there…

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