Track By Tracks: Cesspool Of Corruption - Eradication Of The Subservient (2020)

1. Ubiquitous: 

Blake: Lyrically this song conveys the idea of how humans are always going to be inferior in the wake of a god of some form. It’s not about any form of religion necessarily, but more so how people become subjugated to a degree from it, and the idea of how in older times it was used as a tool of control. 

Matt: Musically the idea for this one was to combine the heaviness of our traditional death metal influences, such as Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation, with the melodic aspects of TBDM and Vehemence. The first half of the song is more straightforward death metal, but there is a melodic section that is more akin to what many consider our traditional sound. This was the first song I wrote entirely on a 7 string and I was still trying to both experiment with the string and trying to find our true sound. This was the result.  

2. Technological: 

Blake: We open this one with the tagline “this one is about cellphones and Skynet.” Essentially this one was about how we’ve become so connected in the sense of being able to instantly communicate with anyone across the globe, yet so disconnected in a more personal sense. The image that came to mind is how people all typically stand around buried in their phones, rather than engage those around them. The Skynet homage is simply taking this idea to an extreme and saying if we keep becoming so immersed in technology, it seems possibly likely that we can let it get away from us. As we were warned in those films, it could paint a grim future for us. 

Matt: With this song I wanted to write something that was catchy, melodic, yet still retained some sense of heaviness. The intent of this song was to be more straightforward and memorable, relying less on being "technical". The entire song was composed in about 10-15 minutes. It is still one of our favorite songs and among one of my favorites to play live to this day. 

3. Emergence:

Blake: This track deals with general themes of betrayal and deception, which is somewhat of a theme from time to time for us. The lyrics are heavily influenced here by the overall mythology arc of The X-Files, with a few homage lines thrown in there for fun. 

Matt: This song is similar in style to Technological Enslavement - it's straightforward and relies heavily on hooks and catchiness. The chorus riff is one of my favorites and I like the way Blake and I harmonize during it. This was one of the earliest songs written, before Blake was back in Texas and we were still trying to find our sound at the time.  

Blake: Our title track lyrically speaking is somewhat tied to the overall idea behind the cover art. This one is mostly referencing the general apathy of the public, and just we become further desensitized and indifferent. It essentially paints a stark picture of the potential consequences as we relinquish more freedom in the pursuit of a convenient life. Once again, the consequences are presented as an extreme, but are what I’d consider to be a warning of sorts. 

Matt: I believe this is still one of the strongest songs we have and there is a reason it is the title track of the EP. This song is somewhat similar to Ubiquitous in the sense that it is a little heavier than the previous two songs but still has some nice melodic parts here and there. I was trying to invoke the brutality of Suffocation mixed with melodic death metal. This is the only song that has remained in our set at every single show and it is one of my favorites to play.  

5. Humanoid: 

Blake: For this song, it is divided into 3 movements to an extent, so the lyrics loosely tell a story in 3 parts as well. The theme revolves around humanity’s big question about our origins. Some of the ideas behind the story are interwoven with some of the ideas and themes from the work of H.P. Lovecraft, as well as some aspects of the Prometheus film series that explores the ideas that we were created by some other intelligent life in the galaxy. The lyrical breakdown overall is that part I serves as the posing of the question, part II serves as the journey, and part III serves as the arrival, and eventual revelation. You can most likely assume that the question that was posed is answered with the message that we were best left not pursue the question in the first place. That some mysteries must remain unanswered. 

Matt: This is the oldest song in our set. Blake, Mike, and myself wrote this song in my bedroom when we were seniors in high school. It features 3 parts that combined make one long song. Musically we were trying to combine Origin, Nile, and the Faceless. Mike wrote the outro riff and it's one of our most recognizable riffs. Once we finally linked up with Brennan, we thought it would be cool if everyone got to have a moment to shine and have a solo on their instrument. It serves as the closer to this EP and has served as our set closer multiple times.

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