Behind The Artworks: Deadscape - Demo (2020)

The idea of the artwork for our demo came up just as the release of the demo itself – completely spontaneous. It wasn’t planned to have that image representing the four tracks, even though the concept was deeply connected to the band’s music. 

Several months before “Demo 2020” was out, our vocalist – Mera - created the image of the Goddess-creator as a part of a university project. Inspired by our music, it was only logical to do something with the artwork when we decided to release the songs. In the original version Mera used a variety of materials such as ink, charcoal, watercolor and even salt for some of the textures. For the finished version she developed the composition in Photoshop playing with textures and shades of black and white. 

The image itself is mostly visually representing our song “The Artist”, while symbolically it’s connected with all four that are part of the demo release. Goddess’ bust is depicted floating in the vast nothingness of Space, the Sun, and the Moon behind it – accenting her greatness and the work she’s done while creating the world. The tree coming out of her body is the symbolic embodiment of her creative force. Her empty eyes and the idea that her body is dissolving are a crucial depiction of the denouement of the concept we’re telling with our music – we have a story woven in our yet-to-come debut album. The sea beneath the woman’s image is related mostly to the song “Forsaken” which is the first written for our band. In general, the idea of our demo’s artwork was to get the essence of the songs and give them a visual form. The darkness of the whole image is also somehow foretelling the direction of the album so stay tuned for the whole story.

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