Track By Tracks: Deadscape - Demo (2020)

1. Forsaken:

The song that started Deadscape. It basically wrote itself, defining in a way a significant part of the sound of the band. It presents the human being as a new form of life brought upon our world with the mission to protect and keep the balance of everything around him. Man, however, soon realizes he was doomed to fail right from the start. 

2. The Artist:

This track is an ode to the creator of all, that surrounds us - the paintress who brings form and colour to the world. Nature itself, goddess of creation, who selflessly brings life to everything around her with her art. The concept of the song was conceived from the idea that a divine paintress erases the sky that she has painted for us, so we can see the stars behind it. 

3. In Desolate Silence:

A dark waltz, composed from bringing together a certain heaviness and roughness with a gentle, serene innocence. This song tells us the tale of a desperate dance. As they attempt to come together, the characters brought on stage from the previous two tracks lead one another to their imminent demise. 

4. Ending:

Ending is a requiem to a lost world. As man succumbs his surroundings to his will, the very ground beneath him withers. The once vivid demiurge has been exiled from man’s insanity. He mourns his betrayal, but the nature and her creations are lost and on the path to oblivion. All that’s left for the man is to suffer his lifeless ending.

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