Behind The Artworks: Wolvencrown - A Shadow Of What Once Was (2021)

The artwork was designed by the extremely talented Joan Llopis Doménech, someone we have worked together on previous shirt designs and even for tour packages for Atmosfest, who I promote shows with. He always manages to capture the emotion and ideas that we want in our art so we are always grateful that he wants to work with us. The idea behind the EP cover is that we are the wolf stood below the noose, attempting to perform a ritual to ease the earth into what it once was many years ago before the industrialistion of the world. The dead animals in the circle depict what humans have been doing to the earth for hundreds of years now. The noose is present in the artwork as we (the wolf) realise that there is no way to turn around the destruction our species has done to a once beautiful world. If we had it our way, humans would go extinct and we would give the earth back to the animals.

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