Track By Tracks: Wolvencrown - A Shadow Of What Once Was (2021)

The main theme of this EP is really about the state of the world at the moment, we've created an alter ego through the lyrics of someone who can't take it anymore, cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel and just doesn't want to live through the madness the world has become in the 21st century.

1. A Shadow Of What Once Was pt.1:

The lyrics in this track are based around the sadness and depression that the human race has become in the 21st century, the song expresses the loss of someone, portrayed as mother nature. Everything from forest fires, mass farming, deforestation, pollution and suicide is covered as it's something we feel strongly about as a band. The music really wrote itself when thinking about the themes we wanted for the EP, the depressiveness of the riffs helps express the lyrics of this track and sheds a dark side to the music we usually create.

2. A Shadow Of What Once Was pt.2:

The lyrics really follow on from pt.1 in pt.2, again expressing our hatred for what the world has become. This track leans heavily toward suicide, how we regret what the world has become today and how there is nothing that we can really do to stop it. The suicidal tendencies of the human race and how it's an attractive way to end it all, as depressing as that sounds. Again, we use the idea of this loss being someone so we have a way of talking to this loss in the lyrics.

3. Coming To An End:

This instrumental track portrays the sadness and emotion of finally cutting loose the feelings taken from the first two tracks, like a new beginning for the world and for ourselves. A breath of fresh air in an ever more polluted world.

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