Track By Tracks: SULLEN GUEST - Chapter III (2021)

1. Nothing Will Be Forgotten (7:39):

There was no salvation, none were saved, in the end, we all have failed, submerged under the sea of lies. 

2. Dewfall (7:01):

A traumatized subject looks into the past, relives his sufferings countless times, although nothing can be changed, offers an apology. 

3. Mortal Cord (5:03):

To shed the Mortal Cord is the ultimate sacrifice one can make. In this song, the darkness itself speaks with the listener. 

4. Footprints (6:37):

Broken promises and oaths cannot be dignified, in the face of betrayal subject leaves the past behind and absolves himself.

5. Limbonic Perdition (7:00):

Deprived soul locked in a bodily cage, contemplates leaving this reality.
6. Samsara (5:45):

The eternal cycle of death, suffering, and rebirth. 

Devoid of any choice, you can deny it, but still, you must participate. 

7. October Lullaby (4:54):

The song was written in two rainy days in October. Song without lyrics giving the free flow of minds to the listener.

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