Behind The Artworks: Plague Weaver - Ascendant Blasphemy (2021)

The artwork we have chosen for our cover is a Gustave Dore illustration, found in Dante’s Divine Comedy. We felt that the aesthetic of this work was perfect against the lyrical theme of the album. It seems to deliver a more-than-satisfactory sense of dread. The setting is dismal, and the pool of snakes hints toward the diabolical nature of the scene. Without context, and from a simplistic approach, the scene suggests what we were looking for: infernal aggression and man’s will over another. In ‘Inferno’ this scene is the first of a pair. The canto describes two specters, both representations of diverse sins, personified by notable ‘depraved’ characters. The work we’ve chosen is the first character, Gianni Schicci, accosting another spirit. It leads to describe that Schicci’s purpose (or image), as a representation of this divine sin, is only to initiate conflict against others. It is a simplistic representation of not only power and will over an enemy, but also an undying urge to initiate conflict with, and eventually conquer that enemy. Though we didn’t originally intend for this reference when choosing the artwork, it too was a great symbolic choice for the album.

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