Behind The Artworks: Radio Silence - Isolation (2021)


We feel the artwork speaks for its self. It shows a young woman in a prison style scene, make up ruined, glass of wine in hand and a censored but familiar message on her shirt. It’s a scene which although is exaggerated with the tally scratches on the walls, is something many of us have felt as a reality this last year. Lockdown and isolation has become a physical and mental prison for many people who have struggled through and we felt this encapsulated it perfectly. The ruined makeup and wine alluding a generation wasting precious years of their youth indoors rather than out with friends and loved ones. The message on the T-shirt speaks of a detachment many of us know too well with mental health struggles and a feeling of abandonment, made all the worse by days forced alone. It follows closely with the theme of the EP and is a strong image of the impact of the pandemic on vibrant youth.

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