Track By Tracks: Radio Silence - Isolation (2021)

1.Crank bugs:

This track delves into delusional parasitosis, sinful pleasures and creature comforts. Digging beneath the surface of routine and discomfort manifesting in all of us, this song explores the subconscious itch for something more.

2. Repo Man:

The inspiration for the character ‘the repo man’ comes from an unknown phone call Jack’s housemate received. The caller angrily stated that he was owed money and that they would send debt collectors round to his house. Of course, no one showed up and time showed that it was a prank call or scam but every time there was a knock at the door Jack always imagined an unsavoury character coming to collect what was rightfully his. When the main riff of this song was first played in our practises it evoked the same kind of sleazy imagery and the two concepts married together perfectly.

3. Heads Will Roll:

This song’s message is simple. It’s about a self-destructive pursuit of a life lived for the weekend and all the pleasures and anxieties it has to offer.

4. Isolation:

This song encompasses our ever-growing relationship and integration with technology. In a time when we are all homebound due to the pandemic, we have become so detached socially and yet our needs are met and replaced by a simulacrum. A substitute that seems so close to the real. This shift of society is depicted in this song and it also shows a snapshot into a future where all our desires are fulfilled through technological advancements. We stew in our capsules tethered to the world wide web and are drip fed serotonin and memes.

5. The Hanging Tree:

The Hanging tree talks of mental health during lockdown, the closure of the pubs and social venues and the dire effect the lockdown has had on people’s wellbeing, especially the youth. ‘The hanging tree’ is treated as the new place to be, and a play on the 50s ‘swinging’ terminology of a party and the more morbid connotations of suicide constantly switch this song between joy and something a lot darker.

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